Know more about your reliable home care services provider in Connecticut.
senior woman with her caregiver

U-Turn Health is a woman-run & family-operated business that patiently understands each family and their preferences by providing comprehensive care planning and continual assessments to ensure your care needs are exceeded.

We believe that there is no better time to live your best life safely at home – than the present. We understand that this is a difficult time in your life—one full of stress, anxiety, and conflicting emotions. If you’ve realized that you need help caring for a loved one during these uncertain times, help is at hand.

U-Turn Health is a licensed, registered, and insured Connecticut-based home care agency that provides affordable non-medical, and private home care to seniors. We are advocates of senior health and independent living. That is why we offer a variety of home care services, which are specially designed to meet your specific needs and preference. Our caregivers are dedicated to caring for people who are sick, disabled, or injured. They render personalized, one-on-one home care services that meet the highest quality standards in the industry. Not only that, but we at U-Turn Health also see to it that the preferences of our clients are heard and addressed through a personalized plan of care. Through this, we can assure exceptional care by competent and compassionate care professionals who strive to promote the health, safety, independence, and quality of life of their clients.

Our mission at U-Turn Health is to review in-home care by caring totally for the individual and not just their condition. Whether due to age or health condition, many people do better when receiving care in the familiarity and comfort of their own home. Aging in place is priceless, and we want more people to age gracefully and safely in their own homes.

Our vision at U-Turn Health is to create a happy and healthy senior community that has access to quality care at home through our affordable, high-quality home care services.

Why Choose U-Turn Health?

Perhaps the thought of welcoming a virtual stranger into your home to care for your loved one is overwhelming. We want to put you at ease, which is why the recruiting and hiring process at U-Turn Health is extremely rigorous.

Our assurance: We will treat your family like our own.

Our company has a very simple unwritten rule: We won’t send anyone into your home that we wouldn’t send into our own homes. We value not only highly qualified caregiving services but also human interactions and relationships. Our people make the difference.

We aim to hire the top 20% of caregivers in the industry through our uncompromising recruiting and vetting process.

  • Rigorous hiring procedures: Criminal background screens, driving record checks, personal & employer reference checks, confirmation of U.S. employment eligibility, verification of training and certifications
  • Continuous staff training & improvement: Initial and ongoing on-the-job instruction, supervision and performance reviews
  • Operational procedures: General and professional liability insurance, fidelity bonding, employment taxes, state and federal unemployment taxes, worker’s compensation insurance
  • Industry-Leading Pay for Caregivers
  • CPR/ First aid trained caregivers

We are dedicated to retaining this high standard of caregiver selection throughout our organization because your trust is of the utmost importance.

Customer Service

We give great customer service to our clients, prospective clients, employees, and applicants. All our customers in one sense or another.

Great customer service includes courtesy, friendliness, respectful treatment, accurate information, and prompt problem resolution.


We value honesty with clients, prospective clients, home care aides, applicants, and each other.

Being honest includes communicating accurately and the avoidance of giving misleading expectations. It also means acknowledging our mistakes no matter how we learn about them while also taking immediate corrective action.

Deliberate Matching Between Clients & Aides

We work hard to find the right home care aides for each client by taking into account both the aide’s needs and the client’s. We carefully describe each new assignment and probe for possible conflicts or incompatibilities, considering factors like location, temperaments, requisite technical skills, and comfort around pets.


Keeping our promises means doing what we say we will do. We strive to only make guarantees that we can realistically fulfill. We do not over-promise or create unrealistic expectations.

Get-Acquainted Interviews

Want to meet your home care worker before committing to services? We are happy to arrange for clients and family members to meet their new caregivers. We arrange the meeting at our expense before you commit to receiving in-home care services. If the match does not look right, we will work hard to find an alternative.

Individualized Care Plans

U-Turn Health prepares an individualized care plan for each client. This is to inform our caregivers of their assigned tasks and any special circumstances. Each care plan covers all duties the aide is to perform, as well as any safety precautions that need to be remembered. We will discuss your needs with you at length before creating the best care plan for you.

First Day Introductions

Whenever we start providing home care services to a new client, a U-Turn Health care manager meets our caregiver at the home on the very first day to be sure that things get off to a good start. An initial introduction helps reduce apprehensions a client may have about meeting his or her aide for the first time.

The U-Turn Health Client Binder

Good communication is at the heart of successful experience with in-home care. We leave a binder in each client’s home with a journal where the client, family members, and the home care aide communicate with each other in writing. This is especially useful when a concerned family member needs to exchange messages with their caregiver about special instructions, progress reports, etc.

Want to know more?

Call us at 866-888-7610. You can also set an appointment with our care coordinators for an in-depth discussion of your needs or your loved ones’ care requirements. We look forward to serving you and your family.